Remedial Sports Massage

Sportspecific specialise in sports and occupational injuries. We can diagnose treat and cure muscular tissue damage from whatever the cause. We welcome GP referrals. Treatments are carried out in a calm professional environment using a variety of techniques depending on the nature of the injury; ultrasound, trigger pointing PNF stretching and more.

Treatments work on the body in a variety of ways and include breaking down scar tissue, relieve muscle tension and fatigue, reduce swelling, clear out muscle lactic acid, help promote flexibility and to prevent further injuries

Sports Massage can also include pre-event, post-event and maintenance techniques that promote greater athletic endurance and performance, lessen chances of injury and reduce recovery time First Consult for new customers 1 hour: £60
There after;
1 hour: £50
30 minutes £30

Personal Training

Personal Training is one on one or small groups of fitness training here in the gymnasium or can be another venue. It is aimed at the individuals goals, needs, requirements, likes etc. It is for everyone be it for weight loss, weight gain, specific training for a competitive sport, rehabilitation from injury, to gain confidence in a gym environment, to learn the correct techniques from exercise and fitness training, it is for everyone.

1 hour: £30

Nutritional Advice

A food diary is taken by the individual, a body stat is completed and the results looked and discussed with the client to help improve their nutritional intake. Nutrition is a key element to health, wellbeing and fitness. A nutritional plan is set with varied options for the individual which will benefit their health for the better. Regular feedback and advice is crucial and always on hand.

Gait analysis

This technique (that does not involve strenuous exercise) looks at the individuals way of walking running and executing an exercise in order to assess and diagnose.

Sports Clubs

We welcome sports clubs from across the region where we can help with all training and fitness aspects of a sporting team.